Friday, October 17, 2014

Lionel Hutz Bourbon Barrel Milk Stout: Tasting Notes

I haven't done nearly enough on the tasting notes of my beers. So without further ado, here's a review of my "Lionel Hutz" Bourbon Barrel Milk Stout from Feb/Mar 2014.

Appearance: Deep brown-black color that pours a lovely tan head. Maintains its head throughout the experience. Good clarity.

Aroma: Great bourbon barrel predominates. Very slight hint of sweetness. Maybe some bitter chocolate with deep breathing.

Taste: Smooth. The bourbon barrel flavor is there but it doesn't overwhelm the beer. In fact, it is quite secondary to the dry coffee-chocolate notes that should carry any stout. The sharpness of the bourbon has mellowed significantly over time, providing a nice warmth before giving way almost immediately to a milky sweetness.

Verdict: I'm really proud of this beer. It successfully blends smooth, milky sweetness with a rich roasty flavor. With time, the sharpness of the bourbon has mellowed significantly and adds a great warmth, perfect for autumn. I'll definitely be brewing this one again!