Friday, September 27, 2013

Brew Stand Construction, Part 2 - Propane and Propane Accessories

Sorry to leave you hanging on the construction progress, but the propane connections proved to be the most confusing aspect of the brew stand. After purchasing and returning several parts, I finally have everything connected now, and even fired the thing up without explosion.

Here are the remaining parts I used for the propane connections and what each connects to:
Finding the right propane hoses was the hardest part. The Banjo burners each come with a brass orifice that screws into the air shutter plate. This orifice requires a 3/8" female flare connection from the propane hose. However, most of the hoses I could actually find in stores were for a female pipe connection - not a tight seal. After going through a slew of adapters with minor propane leaks - and learning the difference between multiple connections - I opted to just return everything and buy the hoses from Amazon. Received them quickly, hooked them up, checked for leaks, and once I confirmed that I wasn't about to touch-off an explosion, fired the stand up. FLAME ON!

Everything worked like a charm.

A few future adaptations I may make to the stand:

Depending on how often I brew out in the open - as opposed to the garage with the door open - I may attach wind guards around each burned to help prevent the flame from being blown out and to help focus the heat on the kettle.

I will probably cover the top center of the stand with some sheet metal to act as a table top for utensils.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Brew Stand Construction

A new house, a new brew stand! After weeks spent moving and settling into the new house, I finally had some time to work on my new brew stand. Based on the single-tier, weldless "Wallace" design, I spent probably about eight to twelve hours over the last week cutting and piecing it together.

Ain't she a beaut?!

The stand measures 56" long, 16" deep, and 24" high (30" high with the casters).

I picked up the majority of the materials at Menards. All parts included below:
I cut all of the steel using a basic hacksaw and bolted everything together with a ratchet and wrench.

As for the burners, I picked up 2 Cast Iron Banjo Burners from Northern Brewer. I'm still working out how to connect both burners to a single propane tank. Ideally, I'll be able to run one line to two hoses.

I also connected a Steelhead Pump to the stand and hooked up a Shockbuster GFCI Outlet Adapter. Probably a good idea to stop lifting several pounds of boiling hot wort.

The size of the stand should allow plenty of room to expand to a third burner and larger brew kettles should the time come when the time comes. In the meantime, the ability to simultaneously direct fire my mash tun and sparge water is a giant leap forward for Kraemer Brew-kind.

Can't wait to fire this baby up!

More photos below: