Thursday, March 14, 2013

“Wisconsin Winter Pale" Ale [bottled] and “Fat Mac" Scotch Ale [secondary]

Bottled Mar. 13, 2013

Another night working with two beers. Bottled the "Wisconsin Winter Pale" Ale and racked the "Fat Mac" Scotch Ale to secondary. Wound up with about a case and a half of the pale and 4 gallons of the scotch ale.

Overall impression of the pale ale: Good. Lighter bodied than expected but the dry hopping has imparted  some of the citrus hop flavor that I felt the beer was lacking after initial fermentation. It definitely comes across more balanced than before. This balance is abundantly clear when comparing it to the 1 gallon batch that I didn't dry hop. That one is very blase.

Scotch ale will sit in secondary for 1-2 weeks. Appearance was a great, deep copper color. Flavor was malty, but I expected more sweetness. It's just not there. Also, a touch of sour on the back end? Hard to tell at this stage. Could be the roasted barley coming through.

Tried my Pout's Revenge Stout for the first time. Very nice. A classic dry stout composition. Extremely pleased with how it turned out. The flavor is balanced, roasty, slightly dry but not astringent, medium bodied, smooth, with an almost velvety mouth feel. Nice roasty aroma. Deep black to brown color with a deep red hue. Bring on the competition!


  • 68 g corn sugar
  • 1.5 c water
FG: 1.010
Desired CO2: 2.4 vol
Aroma: Superb citrus, grapefruit, slight bready undertone
Appearance: Very clear, only very slightly opaque, light gold color
Taste: Moderate bitterness, some citrus grapefruit, some breadiness, refreshing, light to medium body
  • 22 g corn sugar
  • 4 oz water
Desired CO2: 2.4 vol

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