Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Smarch Maibock [secondary]

Racking date: March 17, 2014

Following a brief, 48 hour diacetyl rest at the ambient air temperature upstairs (~64F), I racked the maibock to a pail and set in my frigged garage to lager for the next several weeks.

The air temperature in my garage will likely swing wildly with the late winter/weak spring that we're having. Temperatures so far have ranged from ~30F to 48F. I hope to keep it within this range for 4 weeks.


  • 3/8 oz crystal (3.8%, pellet) (secondary)


  • FG: 1.019
  • Vol: 5 gal

A quick taste test of the flat maibock yielded exciting results: Malty goodness, ending clean and dry. No detectable diacetyl or other esters to cloud the crisp, lager flavor. A few weeks in the cold, and this baby is ready to roll!

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