Friday, July 31, 2015

Lost Dog IPA: Tasting Notes

Appearance: Sunburst amber blending to light orange at the edges. Nice white head with great sustaining lacing.

Aroma: Mango and sweet orange citrus, with a whiff of pine. Some other light fruit. Maybe mandarin or blood orange.

Taste: Slight sweetness which quickly fades to a crisp citrus bitterness. Not tongue-curlingly bitter, but definitely refreshing. Medium bodied.

Final Thoughts: Taco, you beautiful (doggy) bitch! Extremely pleased with how this IPA turned out. While it has more sweet citrus hop character than fruit, the bouquet is extremely pleasing. A great hop profile, which I attribute to the galaxy hops. The bitterness is perfectly balanced by a light sweetness and the overall effect is crisp and refreshing. And the lacing: superb.

I want to share this with everyone (... and no one).

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