Monday, February 8, 2016

Tripel split-batch

Brew date: Jan. 2, 2016
#46 & 47 - 6 gal

I wanted to brew a more monastic-style tripel. One that finishes dry and emphasizes the bready character of the malt, with only a subtle fruity yeastiness that often predominates this style. I'm not sure I succeeded here...

My first attempt working with acidulated malt in an attempt to lower my mash pH. I may have only succeeded in adding a light tang finish. Not unpleasant, but not what I was striving for. Will have to wait and see if this dissipates or recedes to the background when the bottles fully carbonate.

If I were to brew this again, I would also forgo the late hop additions entirely. Just let the yeast do it's thing and get out of the way.

As of today, this beer tastes more like a blonde or belgian golden strong, than a nuanced tripel. Using the Wyeast 3787 or White Labs 510 Bastogne Belgian ale would be a better choice.

The Gigayeast started very slow, but ultimately I think it hits closer to the mark of what a tripel should taste like. It also shows better flocculation than the Wyeast 1388, which is still cloudy to the point of being opaque.

I added gelatin in attempt to help clarify the finished batch of Wyeast 1388. But haven't seen much of an improvement. May just need more time in the bottle and chilling in the fridge.

12 lb Pilsner malt (Dingemans)
2 lb 2-row malt (Briess)
0.5 lb Flaked wheat
0.5 lb Acidulated malt (Meussdoerffer)

0.5 oz Hallertau (2.7% pellet) (60)
0.5 oz Styrian goldings (3.7% pellet) (60)
2 oz Saaz (2.6% pellet) (60)
1.5 t Irish moss (15)
0.5 t Nutrient (10)
1.5 lb Candi sugar rocks, light (5)
0.5 oz East kent goldings (5.7% pellet) (5)
1 oz Hallertau (5)
1.5 L Wyeast 1388 Belgian strong (ferment 3.5 gal wort)
2 pk Gigayeast GY007 Belgian mix (ferment 2 gal wort)

9 gal (44/56 filtered tap and RO)
8 g Gypsum
4 g Calcium chloride

Mash in 6 gal @ 158F
Sac rest @148F (60)
Mash out (10)
Batch sparge 3 gal
Boil (60)
Chill to 60F

OG 1.079
FG 1.017
SRM 3.05
ABV 29.7
Efficiency 75%

1st running: 4 gal @ 1.075
2nd running: 3 gal @ 1.035
Preboil: 7 gal @ 1.063
Pre-candi sugar: 6 gal @ 1.071
OG: 1.083 (added 0.5 gal filtered water)

Chill to 60F
Air temp 64F

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