Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brewing beer (and a blog)

Two things I'd never done, but always wanted to do: brew beer AND start a blog.

After a few years of wanting to try my hand at homebrewing, I finally pulled the trigger this past June: I bought a kit and immediately dived in. So far, the experience has been intoxicating. (Don't worry, I already hate myself for the pun.) After two batches, I'm now planning my third. Then, in the process of jotting down ingredients and formulating a recipe, it hit me: Why not start a blog about homebrewing?! Posting online would be an easy (and fun?) way to track my progress and store what I've learned.

So here I am; brewing beer and blog. I'll post my experience: Recipes, tips, and more; and hopefully have some fun along the way.


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