Monday, October 22, 2012

“Kiss My Black" IPA [Bottled]

Bottle date: October 20, 2012

After worrying that I oxidized my beer for almost two weeks, I decided to bottle. No readily apparent off-flavors. Taste remains quite bitter, and doesn't have the sweet malty strength I was hoping would balance that bitterness. The Simcoe definitely imparted a pungent hop aroma. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that as the beer bottle conditions, both the aroma and bitterness will mellow. There is a decent undertone of roastiness in there. It remains to be seen if I will come out and play well with a (slightly) toned down hoppiness.

  • 95 oz Light DME
  • 16 oz water
Desired CO2 Volume: ~2.4.
Temp: 66 'F

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