Tuesday, February 12, 2013

“Jenny's Ginger" Beer [bottled]

Feb. 2, 2013

The wife had better be ready for some ginger beer. We got 9 bottles worth out of that 1 gal jug.

  • 23 g corn sugar
  • 10 oz water

Boil priming sugar 10 min. Cool. Add to bottling bucket. Siphon and slowly mix in ginger beer. Let sit for 15 min. Bottle.


Desired CO2: 2.4 vol
Color: Pale, opaque yellow, nearly clear
Smell: Strong lemon, citrus, ginger

Most of the yeast and citrus particulate appear to finally have settled out.

The ginger beer has a very pronounced dry, lemon flavor. Next time we should use a yeast that leaves a bit more residual sugar, or cold crash it. We could also try to use molasses or a dark brown sugar. We should also use more ginger. Not nearly enough bite.

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