Monday, November 14, 2016

Lil Pout American Stout | Tasting Notes

Appearance: Lovely light toffee-colored head that hangs around until the last sip. Foam lacing gently sweeps all the way down the glass. The beer itself is a deep brown-black color fading to sherry brown-red at edges. Looks clear.

Aroma: Sweet brownie with a medium Colombian coffee roast backbone. Maybe just a hint of that sweetness comes from the flaked barley which shows up at the very end. Smells just like an American stout should. Boom!

Taste: Really great dry roastiness comes through. Just a hint of toast. Nice mouthfeel, full but not heavy, not too thick not too thin. Just right.

Final Thoughts: What a great beer! Definitely the best stout I've done. Possibly the best beer I've brewed. Period. Also my first on draft.

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